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Dig Deep into the Medicinal, Therapeutic, Environmental, and Culinary Powers of the Mushroom Kingdom with The Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit

Be on the cutting edge of the fungi revolution

For decades, it’s been taboo to talk about certain kinds of mushrooms. They’ve been banned, feared, and outlawed, keeping millions of people from access to information that could help them live a better life.

But now, new research coming from the most respected institutions is opening up possibilities that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

People everywhere are asking, “Could mushrooms be the answer I’ve been looking for?”

This fungi renaissance is just beginning to explode, with mushrooms being celebrated and explored in everything from therapy to cooking to medicinal uses to ecosystem restoration and more.

We’re at a turning point in human consciousness — and fungi are at the forefront. Will you join us?

Dig deeper and learn what’s new in the world of mushrooms since Fantastic Fungi came out with the Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit.

Join the Fungi Renaissance!

We Need Fungi & Fungi Need YOU

Fantastic Fungi shows us that the future of the planet is at stake.
Mushrooms very well may be the key — if only we listen.

Fungi really are magic. They can heal, repair, regenerate, and delight us.
And just like the web of mycelium connects life, fungi connect us
to one another in profoundly meaningful ways.

If you’ve ever wished for an ally to bring you closer
to the mysteries of the natural world, this is it!

Does any of this sound like you?

You love health.

Science is showing us how certain mushrooms are renowned for their health benefits and could provide more energy, immune health, relaxation, and great sleep.

You want to feel good and free.

You’ve considered or even tried healing routes like therapy, self-help books, journaling, and possibly medication. And you want to know everything you can about how people are successfully using therapeutic mushrooms to experience healing breakthroughs. Are mushrooms for everyone? What do you need to know about this new and exciting healing modality?

You want reliable research on how to use “magic” mushrooms with healing intent.

In the last few years, research and major news features are praising psychoactive forms of mushrooms for everything from addiction treatment to spiritual connection to microdosing for better brain performance. What are the experts saying? And how can we harness the latest scientific research to expand our collective consciousness and heal — safely?

Climate change matters to you.

Fungi are being hailed as the greatest natural solution to climate change. They add carbon to the soil, filter water, provide nutrients to plants that pump out oxygen, clean up oil spills and pollution, and provide 100% compostable sources of packaging. You want to know how mushrooms can help make the world a better place.

You’re a bit of a foodie!

You love wild food, foraging, cooking new dishes, and most of all, eating! Whether it’s adding a few supporting mushrooms for a lip-smacking umami experience, or making them the star of the show, you’re excited to lean into mushrooms for all their culinary delight.

You’re interested in eating a more plant-centered diet.

Mushrooms are one of the most savory ways to do just that — and you can enjoy the outstanding health benefits while contributing to significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

The Fantastic Fungi film has rocked audiences since it came out, with 100% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and rave reviews from film critics.

But within the confines of a single film, we could only scratch the surface of this magnificent world that’s all around us.

That’s why we created a way to dive deeper into the underexplored kingdom of fungi — and experience the real-world magic.


The Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit

The Ultimate Collection of Fantastic Fungi Resources

For Health, Healing, and Transformation

Brought to you by Louie and the Fantastic Fungi team,
in partnership with Food Revolution Network

Don’t Miss a Moment of This Urgent Wisdom

Cooking & Lifestyle

Cooking with Mushrooms
The Mushroom Renaissance
Community Building Through Food
Cultural Co-Evolution
Mushroom Alchemy
Symbiotic Regeneration
Mystical Experiences
Biomimicry and Following Nature’s Intelligence

Environmental Cleanup & Ecology

Mushroom Urban Gardening
Fungi in the Race Against Climate Change
The Shroom Boom
Fungi and Carbon Sequestering
Solutions to Environmental Degradation
Fungi & Ecosystem Survival
Becoming a Citizen Scientist
The Counterculture Movement
Mushroom Foraging


Medicinal Mushrooms
Activating The Body’s Innate Ability To Heal
Indigenous Artisans of Mushroom Medicine
Integrative Medicine and Mushrooms
Mycology & Microbiology
Ending the Climate Crisis
The Neuroscience of Psychedelics
Mycelium and The Microbiome

Therapy & Healing

Decriminalization of Psilocybin
Recent Breakthroughs in Psychedelic Research
The Collective Awakening
Sacred Medicine and Shamans
The Convergence of Science and Spirituality
Psychedelics Treatments for Terminal Disease
Psychedelics and Mental Health
Healing Generational Trauma

Uplift your health, the planet, and this urgent mission with the Impact Kit

By taking action NOW, you’ll receive over 65% off the full price of $197

Regular Price: $197

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16 Masterclasses with experts from
the Fantastic Fungi community, including
written transcripts and downloadable MP3s

Extended interviews and deleted
scenes from Fantastic Fungi

A digital special event version
of the Fantastic Fungi film

Bonus gifts worth $400

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What’s Included In The Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit

16 Masterclasses with Experts From the Fantastic Fungi Film & Other Luminaries

Get exciting new interview masterclasses featuring world-renowned New York Times bestselling authors, award-winning doctors, alternative medicine practitioners, environmental activists, shamans, cultivation experts, and top researchers. Over 16 brilliant hours of immersion into all things fungi.

Written Transcripts and Downloadable MP3s to Listen on the Go

Prefer to read what’s inside the masterclasses? The full written transcripts allow you to breeze through everything and accelerate your learning. And podcast and audiobook fans will love having each interview in MP3 format to take along on the go, in the car, in the garden — even while foraging.

Extended Interviews, Never-Before-Released, and Deleted Scenes From Fantastic Fungi

Enjoy special access to rare footage from the indie smash hit, Fantastic Fungi. We had to trim out some of the best parts for the box office, so this is the only way to catch bonus materials and outtakes that few others will ever see.

Bonus Gifts Worth $400

Enjoy a curated collection of 9 bonus gifts for even more immersion into the world of fungi, health, and gardening from true experts. Explore mini-courses including Mushrooms and the Immune System, Introduction to Permaculture, Composting, Food As Medicine, and much more. Valued at over $400 — it’s all yours free with the Impact Kit as our gift to you.

A Digital Special Event Edition of Fantastic Fungi

Make the movie yours, for life! Watch the Special Event Edition Fantastic Fungi many times — even host a movie night so family and friends can get to experience one of the true wonders of the natural world. This is how a grassroots movement grows!

Deepen Your Learning With Fantastic Fungi’s Experts

Deepak Chopra, MD

Doctor, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Alternative Medicine Advocate

Jack Kornfield, PhD

Bestselling Author and Buddhist Practitioner

Eugenia Bone

Nature and Food Journalist

Andrew Weil, MD

Alternative Medicine Doctor and New York Times Bestselling Author

Paul Hawken

Environmentalist and Author

Rick Bayless

Award-winning Chef and New York Times Bestselling Author

Rick Doblin, PhD

Founder and Executive Director of MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies)

William Padilla-Brown

Forager, Cultivation Expert, and Mushroom Entrepreneur

Giuliana Furci

Activist and CEO of the Fungi Foundation

Nathalie Kelley

Activist and Actress

Louie Schwartzberg

Director of Fantastic Fungi

Zach Bush, MD

Physician and Internationally Recognized Educator

Maya Shetreat, MD

Neurologist, Herbalist, and Urban Farmer

Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Medical Anthropologist and Bestselling Author

Dennis McKenna, PhD

Ethnopharmacologist, Researcher, and Lecturer

Stephen Ross, MD

Professor and Psychedelic Researcher

Unreleased & Extended Interviews

There’s only one way to get access to these additional interviews with the featured experts,
deleted scenes, and bonus features: The Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit

Mushroom Waltz

Deleted Scene

William Padilla-Brown

Extended Interview

Mushroom Mandala

Bonus Feature

Gary Lincoff Foraging

Deleted Scene

Bonus Gifts

Get over $400 worth of free gifts with the Impact Kit

Enjoys hours of extras with this customized selection of mini-courses, ebooks, and trainings. The Impact Kit comes with a bestselling bundle of gifts that lovers of mushrooms, nature, and health will adore. Go deeper into the exploration of mushrooms, find new and improved methods for gardening, and absorb essential health wisdom from top doctors. It’s all yours as our gift to you.

Free Bonus #1
Mushrooms and the Immune System
from Herbal Academy
Value: $34

From everyday issues like seasonal allergies and respiratory viruses to cancer and other life-changing disorders, mushrooms can play a significant role in supporting and rebalancing immune function. In the Herbal Academy’s in-depth Mushrooms and the Immune System digital guidebook, you’ll learn how mushroom compounds interact with immune function and discover ways of incorporating mushrooms into your daily life to help support and regulate the immune response.

Free Bonus #2
Shiitake Mushroom Digital Photograph
from Moving Art
Value: $75

Get a high-resolution digital download of a beautiful shiitake mushroom photographed and autographed by Fantastic Fungi director Louie Schwartzberg.

Free Bonus #3
Dr. Fuhrman’s T20: Infection Protection in 20 Days
from Dr. Fuhrman
Value: $16

Dr. Fuhrman’s Transformation 20: Infection Protection in 20 Days is a program that contains 20 daily meal plans with recipes, plus educational articles, shopping lists, and a stock-your-pantry guide. It provides the tools, knowledge, and support you need to achieve maximum health, get rid of addictive food behaviors, and resolve “toxic hunger.”

Free Bonus #4
Thrive! Garden Freedom Micro Course
from Grow Your Own Vegetables
Value: $77

This course is all about making your time in the garden efficient and FUN! You’ll discover resources for setting clear goals that reflect your values and make gardening everything you need and want it to be along with useful tools for creating your garden space and selecting vegetables to save you money and time.

Free Bonus #5
Regenerative Soil Essentials Compost & Compost Tea
from Matt Powers
Value: $29

Get the science, methods, and recipes for all your compost and compost tea needs from garden to farm-scale in one easy-to-read e-book. All excerpts come from Regenerative Soil — the celebrated breakthrough book that showcases the cutting edge in soil management methods and science.

Free Bonus #6
Straw Bale Gardening Book
from Duncan Carver
Value: $20

This digital guide is a simple, step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan to help you get started growing your own organic food and herbs in straw bales.

You’ll learn where and how to get straw bales at the best possible price. How to design and lay out your garden for maximum productivity. How to condition your bales to create the perfect growing environment. How to companion plant vegetables and herbs to grow much healthier plants and reduce garden pests and diseases. How to manage your garden in only minutes per week and more.

Free Bonus #7
Introduction to Permaculture: Nature's Secrets for a Healthy, Abundant, and Creative Life
from Urban Farm
Value: $67

Make nature work for you! In this eye-opening class, Toby Hemenway teaches you how to apply permaculture principles to your garden, home, community, and life. You'll learn about permaculture's zone system or “where things go.” You'll discover 11 unique ways to use kitchen scraps for zero waste and an array of plants that boast surprising uses and benefits. By the end of this class, you'll understand why permaculture is about so much more than just growing food.

Free Bonus #8
Eating for Bone Health: For Strong Bones that Last a Lifetime
from Dr. Ritamarie
Value: $29

Bones are supposed to be hard to break and to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, unless you know how to take care of your bones, things can go awry, and they may become brittle and prone to fracture. When incorporated as a regular part of your life, the foods, herbs, recipes, and nutrients presented in this guide — combined with avoiding bone-weakening foods and substances, exercising, and minimizing your stress — will contribute to a long and active life for you and your bones.

Free Bonus #9
Five Phases: The Nature of Your Health Audio Course
from LearningHerbs
Value: $97

All around us, mighty healers grow in nature. For example, you might have heard that hawthorn lowers blood pressure. Willow relieves arthritis. Dandelion supports the liver. But is there more to health than taking this for that? How can we adopt a more holistic perspective toward healing? In this 10-part audio series, you’ll learn the basic philosophy of the Five Phases system from traditional Chinese Medicine. And you’ll learn practical ways to support the water, wood, fire, earth, or metal in your life using lifestyle habits, food choices, and herbs.

Total Value of Bonus Gifts: $443.95

Yours free with the Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit

By taking action NOW, you’ll receive over 65% off the full price of $197

Regular Price: $197

Special Price Only On This Page:


16 Masterclasses with experts from
the Fantastic Fungi community, including
written transcripts and downloadable MP3s

Extended interviews and deleted
scenes from Fantastic Fungi

A digital special event version
of the Fantastic Fungi film

Bonus gifts worth $400

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Your satisfaction is important to us, so if for any reason you aren’t 100% happy with your purchase, you have 60 days to request a prompt and total refund.

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If you request a refund for any reason, anything that you've already downloaded from the Impact Kit is yours to keep.

Want a better world? We do, too!

For every Impact Kit purchased, we make a donation to Trees for the Future, enabling them to plant another organic fruit or nut tree in a
low-income community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit for?

The Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and connection to the world of fungi — from passionate hobbyists to budding mycologists to clinicians interested in learning more about therapeutic applications (and everyone in between). Fungi is all around us, and the more we understand this beautiful species, the faster we’ll be able to unlock its mysteries to benefit humans, the planet, and mushrooms themselves!

What do the Fantastic Fungi Impact Kit masterclasses cover?

The Impact Kit offers over 16 hours of fresh discussion about fungi and its cutting-edge medicinal, therapeutic, culinary, artistic, nutritional, environmental, and spiritual uses. From never-before-released scenes from the film to brand new interviews with the film’s experts (including Deepak Chopra, MD, Andrew Weil, MD, Jack Kornfield, and more), the Impact Kit is a deep dive into a thrilling world we’re only just beginning to understand — one that impacts our planet and culture in deeply transformative ways.

I’m interested in plant medicine. What will I find in the Impact Kit?

The Impact Kit offers in-depth and current information about how plant medicine is being used therapeutically and for which conditions. It does not offer specific instructions on how to use plant medicine. The Impact Kit includes interviews with the leading researchers, luminaries, and advocates for plant medicine.

Will I be able to enjoy the Impact Kit if I am new to the fantastic world of fungi?

Absolutely! The conversations, bonus footage, and gifts are useful to everyone who is curious about the natural world. It’s a celebration of all things fungi, and everyone is invited. In fact, the more people who are aware of the importance of fungi, the faster our society will be able to protect fungi and utilize them for their healing, regeneration, culinary, and protective qualities.

By taking action NOW, you’ll receive over 65% off the full price of $197

Regular Price: $197

Special Price Only On This Page:


16 Masterclasses with experts from
the Fantastic Fungi community, including
written transcripts and downloadable MP3s

Extended interviews and deleted
scenes from Fantastic Fungi

A digital special event version
of the Fantastic Fungi film

Bonus gifts worth $400

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

Your purchase is protected by our 60-day money back guarantee.